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Title ▴AuthorsJournalPublication year
Alexa, do science! Voice-activated assistants hit the lab bench(Open Access) Perkel JMNature2020
Alteration of myocardial structure and function in RAF1-associated Noonan syndrome: Insights from cardiac disease modeling based on patient-derived iPSCs(Open Access) Nakhaei-Rad S, Bazgir F, (...), Ahmadian MRbioRxiv2022
Altered atrial cytosolic calcium handling contributes to the development of postoperative atrial fibrillation(Open Access) Fakuade FE, Steckmeister V, (...), Voigt NCardiovascular Research2020
An Alternative Mechanism of Subcellular Iron Uptake Deficiency in CardiomyocytesDai Y, Ignatyeva N, (...), Ebert ACirculation Research2023
An optimized protocol for the enrichment of small vesicles from murine and non-human primate heart tissue(Open Access) Bleckwedel F, Germena G, Hinkel R, Zelarayán LCTrillium extracellular vesicles2022
Analysis of Tubular Membrane Networks in Cardiac Myocytes from Atria and Ventricles(Open Access) Wagner E, Brandenburg S, Kohl T, Lehnart SE,Journal of Visualized Experiments2014
Anbindung eines elektronischen Laborbuchs an eine vorhandene Langzeitarchivierungsinfrastruktur(Open Access) Marzec B, Weil P, Nussbeck SY,German Medical Science GMS Publishing House2014
Antiarrhythmic effects of dantrolene in human diseased cardiomyocytesHartmann N, Pabel S, (...), Sossalla SHeart Rhythm2016
Aortic valve calcification and myocardial fibrosis determine outcome following transcatheter aortic valve replacement(Open Access) Evertz R, Hub S, (...), Schuster AESC Heart Failure2023
Application of basic research data management with FAIRDOM/SEEK from a medical informatics perspective(Open Access) Bauer CR, Knopp C, Bender T, Kusch H, Sax UGerman Medical Science GMS Publishing House2018