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TitleAuthorsJournalPublication year
Multiscale Strategy to Resolve Stroma–Cardiac Fibroblast InteractionsZimmermann WCirculation Research2021
5.3 Kollaboratives Arbeiten mit Daten(Open Access) Engelhardt C, Kusch HPraxishandbuch Forschungsdatenmanagement2021
Online Supplemental Files for "Caveolin3 Stabilizes McT1-mediated Lactate/Proton Transport in Cardiomyocytes"(Open Access) Lehnart SEGöttingen Research Online (Data.GRO)2021
Epigenetic gene expression links heart failure to memory impairmentIslam MR, Lbik D, (...), Fischer AEMBO Molecular Medicine2021
Caveolin3 Stabilizes McT1-Mediated Lactate/Proton Transport in CardiomyocytesPeper J, Kownatzki-Danger D, (...), Lehnart SECirculation Research2021
Variable Expression of Programmed Cell Death Protein 1-Ligand 1 in Kidneys Independent of Immune Checkpoint Inhibition(Open Access) Hakroush S, Kopp SB, (...), Tampe BFrontiers in Immunology2021
Modulating the Biomechanical Properties of Engineered Connective Tissues by Chitosan-Coated Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes(Open Access) Kittana N, Assali M, (...), Lutz SInternational Journal of Nanomedicine2021
Monitoring mitochondrial translation in living cellsYousefi R, Fornasiero EF, (...), Pacheu‐Grau DEMBO reports2021
Troponin destabilization impairs sarcomere-cytoskeleton interactions in iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes from dilated cardiomyopathy patients(Open Access) Dai Y, Amenov A, (...), Ebert AScientific Reports2020
Epigenetic gene-expression links heart failure to memory impairment(Open Access) Islam R, Lbik D, (...), Fischer Abiorxiv.org2020