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TitleAuthorsJournalPublication year
Protein kinase/phosphatase balance mediates the effects of increased late sodium current on ventricular calcium cyclingEiringhaus J, Herting J, (...), Fischer THBasic Research in Cardiology2019
ESC Working Group on Cellular Biology of the Heart: position paper for Cardiovascular Research: tissue engineering strategies combined with cell therapies for cardiac repair in ischaemic heart disease and heart failureMadonna R, Van Laake LW, (...), Sluijter JPGCardiovascular Research2019
O2 affects mitochondrial functionality ex vivoNanadikar MS, Vergel Leon AM, (...), Katschinski DMRedox Biology2019
Cardiac macrotissues-on-a-plate models for phenotypic drug screensMeyer T, Tiburcy M, Zimmermann WAdvanced Drug Delivery Reviews2019
N-glycosylation-dependent regulation of hK2P17.1 currents(Open Access) Wiedmann F, Schlund D, (...), Schmidt CMol Biol Cell2019
Posttranslational modifications of titin from cardiac muscle: how, where and what for?(Open Access) Koser F, Loescher C, Linke WAFEBS Journal2019
Optogenetic Monitoring of the Glutathione Redox State in Engineered Human Myocardium(Open Access) Trautsch I, Heta E, (...), Zimmermann WFrontiers in Physiology2019
Engineered Heart Tissue Models from hiPSC-Derived Cardiomyocytes and Cardiac ECM for Disease Modeling and Drug Testing ApplicationsGoldfracht I, Efraim Y, (...), Gepstein LActa Biomaterialia2019
Junctophilin-2 expression rescues atrial dysfunction through polyadic junctional membrane complex biogenesis(Open Access) Brandenburg S, Pawlowitz J, (...), Lehnart SEJournal of Clinical Investigation Insight2019
Proteasome-Dependent Regulation of Distinct Metabolic States During Long-Term Culture of Human iPSC-Derived CardiomyocytesEbert A, Joshi AU, (...), Wu JCCirculation Research2019

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