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Title ▴AuthorsJournalPublication year
Usage of persistent identifiers to implement the FAIR guiding principles in medical research data management systems(Open Access) Knopp C, Bauer CR, Kusch H, Sax UGerman Medical Science GMS Publishing House2018
Using different geometries to modulate the cardiac fibroblast phenotype and the biomechanical properties of engineered connective tissuesSantos GL, DeGrave AN, (...), Lutz SBiomaterials Advances2022
USP22 supports the aggressive behavior of basal-like breast cancer by stimulating cellular respiration(Open Access) Prokakis E, Bamahmoud H, (...), Wegwitz FCell Communication and Signaling2024
Variable Expression of Programmed Cell Death Protein 1-Ligand 1 in Kidneys Independent of Immune Checkpoint Inhibition(Open Access) Hakroush S, Kopp SB, (...), Tampe BFrontiers in Immunology2021
Vicious Twins: RyR2 Dysfunction and Structural RemodelingVoigt N, Seibertz F, Fakuade FECirculation Research2023
Voltage-Gated Calcium Channels and Their Roles in Cardiac ElectrophysiologyHeijman J, Molina CE, Voigt NCardiac and Vascular Biology2018
Vorbereitungsprozess für die elektronische Dokumentation und Nachnutzbarkeit von FD in ELN(Open Access) Marzec B, Weil P, Nussbeck SY,German Medical Science GMS Publishing House2013
Vortices Termination in the Cardiac MuscleKrinsky VI, Biktashev VN, Otani NF, Luther SNonlinear Systems and Complexity; Advances in Dynamics, Patterns, Cognition2017
While systolic cardiomyocyte function is preserved, diastolic myocyte function and recovery from acidosis are impaired in CaMKIIδ-KO miceNeef S, Sag CM, (...), Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology2013
Widespread Expression of Erythropoietin Receptor in Brain and Its Induction by InjuryOtt C, Martens H, (...), Ehrenreich HMolecular Medicine2016