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TitleAuthorsJournalPublication year
Fibroblast Derived Human Engineered Connective Tissue for Screening ApplicationsSantos GL, Meyer T, Tiburcy M, DeGrave A, Zimmermann W, Lutz SJournal of Visualized Experiments2021
Management of Metadata Types in Basic Cardiological Research(Open Access) Kusch H, Kossen R, (...), Nussbeck SYStudies in Health Technology and Informatics2021
Reversible reprogramming of cardiomyocytes to a fetal state drives heart regeneration in mice(Open Access) Chen Y, Lüttmann FF, (...), Braun TScience2021
The oxidation-resistant CaMKII-MM281/282VV mutation does not prevent arrhythmias in CPVT1.(Open Access) Sadredini M, Manotheepan R, Lehnart SE, Anderson ME, Sjaastad I, Stokke MKPhysiological Reports2021
Biallelic variants in YRDC cause a developmental disorder with progeroid features(Open Access) Schmidt J, Goergens J, (...), Wollnik BHuman Genetics2021
GMDS2021 ePoster and video teaser for DOI 10.3205/21gmds072(Open Access) Kusch H, Bauer CR, (...), Sax UGöttingen Research Online (Data.GRO)2021
Pulsed low-energy stimulation initiates electric turbulence in cardiac tissue(Open Access) Majumder R, Hussaini S, Zykov VS, Luther S, Bodenschatz EPLOS Computational Biology2021
A novel single-cell RNA-sequencing platform and its applicability connecting genotype to phenotype in ageing-disease(Open Access) Shomroni O, Sitte M, (...), Salinas GResearchsquare2021
Loss of Mitochondrial Ca2+ Uniporter Limits Inotropic Reserve and Provides Trigger and Substrate for Arrhythmias in Barth Syndrome Cardiomyopathy(Open Access) Bertero E, Nickel A, (...), Maack CCirculation2021
Truncated titin proteins and titin haploinsufficiency are targets for functional recovery in human cardiomyopathy due to TTN mutationsFomin A, Gärtner A, (...), Linke WAScience Translational Medicine2021