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TitleAuthorsJournalPublication year
A Mathematical Model for Electrical Activity in Pig Atrial Tissue(Open Access) Peris-Yagüe V, Rubio T, Fakuade FE, Voigt N, Luther S, Majumder RFrontiers in Physiology2022
RGS3L allows for an M2 muscarinic receptor-mediated RhoA-dependent inotropy in cardiomyocytes(Open Access) Levay MK, Krobert KA, (...), Wieland TBasic Research in Cardiology2022
Spatiotemporal Organization of Electromechanical Phase Singularities during High-Frequency Cardiac Arrhythmias(Open Access) Molavi Tabrizi A, Mesgarnejad A, Bazzi M, Luther S, Christoph J, Karma APhysical Review X2022
Hemodynamic stress‐induced cardiac remodelling is not modulated by ablation of phosphodiesterase 4D interacting protein(Open Access) Mohamed BA, Elkenani M, (...), Toischer KJournal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine2022
A review of protocols for human iPSC culture, cardiac differentiation, subtype-specification, maturation, and direct reprogramming(Open Access) Lyra-Leite DM, Gutiérrez-Gutiérrez O, Wang M, Zhou Y, Cyganek L, Burridge PWSTAR Protocols2022
Direct proteomic and high-resolution microscopy biopsy analysis identifies distinct ventricular fates in severe aortic stenosis(Open Access) Brandenburg S, Otto L, (...), Lehnart SEJournal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology2022
A modern automated patch-clamp approach for high throughput electrophysiology recordings in native cardiomyocytes(Open Access) Seibertz F, Rapedius M, (...), Voigt NCommunications Biology2022
Functional and structural reverse myocardial remodeling following transcatheter aortic valve replacement: a prospective cardiovascular magnetic resonance study(Open Access) Lange T, Backhaus SJ, (...), Schuster AJournal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance2022
There is no F in APC: Using physiological fluoride-free solutions for high throughput automated patch clamp experiments(Open Access) Rapedius M, Obergrussberger A, (...), Fertig NFrontiers in Molecular Neuroscience2022
Dysferlin facilitates the de novo biogenesis of tubular membranes in hypertrophic remodelling(Open Access) Paulke N, Amlaz S, (...), Brandenburg SEuropean Heart Journal2022