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TitleAuthorsJournalPublication year
Troponin destabilization impairs sarcomere-cytoskeleton interactions in iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes from dilated cardiomyopathy patients(Open Access) Dai Y, Amenov A, (...), Ebert AScientific Reports2020
Epigenetic gene-expression links heart failure to memory impairment(Open Access) Islam R, Lbik D, (...), Fischer AbioRxiv2020
COA6 facilitates cytochrome c oxidase biogenesis as thiol-reductase for copper metallochaperones in mitochondria(Open Access) Pacheu-Grau D, Wasilewski M, (...), Rehling RJournal of Molecular Biology2020
Interdisciplinary Research on Aortic Valve Stenosis: a Longitudinal Collection of Biospecimens and Clinical Data of Patients Undergoing Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement(Open Access) Beuthner BEC, Topci R, (...), Nussbeck SYOpen Journal of Bioresources2020
Impact of myocardial fibrosis on left ventricular remodelling, recovery, and outcome after transcatheter aortic valve implantation in different haemodynamic subtypes of severe aortic stenosis(Open Access) Puls M, Beuthner BE, (...), Hasenfuß GEuropean Heart Journal2020
menoci: Lightweight Extensible Web Portal enabling FAIR Data Management for Biomedical Research Projects(Open Access) Suhr M, Lehmann C, (...), Nußbeck SYarXiv2020
Tissue Engineered Heart Repair from Preclinical Models to First-in-Patient StudiesZimmermann WCurrent Opinion in Physiology2020
Granulins Regulate Aging Kinetics in the Adult Zebrafish Telencephalon(Open Access) Zambusi A, Burhan ÖP, Di Giaimo R, Schmid B, Ninkovic JCells2020
Functions of Vertebrate FerlinsBulankina AV, Thoms SCells2020
Inhibition of NaV1.8 Prevents Atrial Arrhythmogenesis in Human and Mice(Open Access) Pabel S, Ahmad S, (...), Sossalla SBasic Research in Cardiology2020