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TitleAuthorsJournalPublication year
Generation of a genetically-modified induced pluripotent stem cell line harboring a Noonan syndrome-associated gene variant MRAS p.G23V(Open Access) Busley AV, Cyganek LStem Cell Research2023
A junctional cAMP compartment regulates rapid Ca2+ signaling in atrial myocytes(Open Access) Brandenburg S, Pawlowitz J, (...), Lehnart SEJournal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology2022
Fluorescence lifetime DNA-PAINT for multiplexed super-resolution imaging of cells(Open Access) Oleksiievets N, Sargsyan Y, (...), Tsukanov RCommunications Biology2022
Human–Device Interaction in the Life Science LaboratorySöldner R, Rheinländer S, Meyer T, Olszowy M, Austerjost JAdvances in Biochemical Engineering-Biotechnology2022
Synergistic Adverse Effects of Azithromycin and Hydroxychloroquine on Human Cardiomyocytes at a Clinically Relevant Treatment Duration(Open Access) Li W, Luo X, (...), Schubert MPharmaceuticals2022
Modulatorische Einheiten bei Herzinsuffizienz(Open Access) Hasenfuß G, Kaul A, Lehnart SE, Linke WA, Zelarayán LC, Zimmermann WDer Kardiologe2022
A novel single-cell RNA-sequencing approach and its applicability connecting genotype to phenotype in ageing disease(Open Access) Shomroni O, Sitte M, (...), Salinas GScientific Reports2022
Different activation of MAPKs and Akt/GSK3β after preload vs. afterload elevation(Open Access) Hartmann N, Preuß L, (...), Toischer KESC Heart Failure2022
Selective optogenetic control of Gq signaling using human Neuropsin(Open Access) Wagdi A, Malan D, (...), Bruegmann TNature Communications2022
Transmural myocardial repair with engineered heart muscle in a rat model of heterotopic heart transplantation – A proof-of-concept studyJebran A, Tiburcy M, (...), Zimmermann WJournal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology2022